Living Cosmos

The Product

LivCos is a tool, allowing you to tell the computer about the structure of your content data. You don't only enter some layouted text into your word processor, you also let the application know it's meaning.

You can try it on the demo site (take a look at the examples!).

The Commitment

FeurerWorks has initiated this Open Source project and also hosts, manage it today. We invest a lot of our workforce (more than 50%) in this project and want to see it grow.

We are working on the basic idea behind LivCos since several years already. After several redesigns and some time consuming distractions (company management), we think, we have realized a base to build up customer solutions.

LivCos is the core project of FeurerWorks. Among other usages, it serves as the CMS for this Web page.

The Result

Cutting edge know-how and hands-on experience in various server technologies and Web 2.0 form a valuable base for high quality services.

The possibilities with LivCos allow to achieve the company's mission. With a LivCos integration we can efficiently and flexibly react on any change in the customer's requirements, still focusing on the high quality.

Teaching not only server technology know-how, but also concrete concepts, applied in LivCos, makes this service even more valuable.

The contact with the Open Source community opens even more possibilities and support to meet challenges.

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