LivCos 0.6 Released

Reorganized views, transformation pipelines and multiple optimizations both in performance and memory usage have taken place. 17 Feb 2010

Moduleditor 2.2

Even more features find their way into the HSR Moduleditor. 8 Jan 2010

LivCos 0.5 Released

Several features have found their way into this public release. The new feature, most visible to the user, is SVG Diagram editing. 15 Apr 2009

New Logo for LivCos

Structured information objects, relying on each other, to form the content of the Cosmos and living, evolving independently. Designed by Karin Ruegg20 Feb 2009

NTB integrates Moduleditor

The Moduleditor, developed for the Hochschule Rapperswil (HSR), will also help the tutors at Hochschule fuer Technik Buchs (NTB) to manage their program of study. 15 Jan 2009

LivCos 0.4 Released

This public release is based on the lastest 0.3 development release. It should be fairly stable and should work in a simple productive environment. 28 Oct 2008

Text Search with Regain

We use the Regain search engine to implement a full text search on the LivCos Web view. 30 Jun 2008

Secure Setup

A specialized user realm implementation lets you integrate the user management of the LivCos platform into the Tomcat security management. Together with the HTTPS connector you can setup a secured LivCos Web server. 16 Jun 2008

Web Map

Instead of leading you to cities along the roads, a Web Map lets you navigate through your links and notes. This LivCos application is a bookmark manager and a mind map tool. 12 May 2008

Development Release 0.3

To provide more stable public production releases, we copy the release number policy from the Linux project. So as a user you should wait for the release 0.4. 7 Apr 2008

Moduleditor on .NET 3.5

The HSR Moduleditor now runs on the .NET 3.5 plattform. 10 Mar 2008

LivCos 0.2 Released

The first public release of the LivCos project has been rolled out today. Navigate to to see what's it's all about. On the demo site you can try out some of the features. 21 Oct 2007

Release Study Projects

Both study projects, CodeDOM for Eclipse and Fluxograma, turned out nicely. The students have learned to deal with flexible requirements and how to conquer new technologies. Even tough not yet complete, show both products essential aspects solved and the way to a successful finish being able to invest more time. Congratulations to all four students. 12 Jul 2007

Study Project: CodeDOM for Eclipse

Another approach to generate an XML representation from Java source code with Eclipse. The XML Schema should be modeled to represent the structure of the CodeDOM namespace in the DotNet Framework. Is it possible to map all the Java concepts into the CodeDOM model? Some code patterns will probably ask for a closer look. 2 Apr 2007

Study Project: fluxograma

Interactive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with AJAX maybe allows to bring a Web GUI even closer to the desktop. Two students at HSR will give this approach a try with their study project fluxograma, a simple Web based flow chart tool as a proof of concept. 2 Apr 2007

venture lab

In the implementation phase of LivCos we need a skilled development team. So FeurerWorks needs to learn how to grow into a software forge. The venture lab seems to offer support in this area. 29 Mar 2007

Study Project: CodeML

In this study project two students at HSR are facing the challenge to represent Java source code in a XML dialect. Realized as an Eclipse plug-in the working source text should be easily made available to XSLT processors or other ways of further processing. 23 Oct 2006

CrewLink at Swiss International Airlines

A Crew information portal at Swiss to interface to several flight data management systems in the back end. Six months of intensive work with ASP.NET 2.0, DataSets, XML, XSLT and XSL-FO from the data layer up to the Web user interface. 4 Sep 2006

LivCos Lite becomes heavy

With an extensive redesign LivCos forms the base for a bigger application framework. The "lite" name appendix is no longer appropriate. 1 Feb 2006

New Design for

The page design, simple, informative and well structured. No fancy banners or floods of loosely related information. Unfortunately there is still a stunning picture missing. It should message a closer union of human (red circle) and computer (blue circle) as the major objective of FeurerWorks. 22 May 2005

Beer & Anderegg Achitects

A Web page for ambitious achitects, an extraordinary design with interactive effects. New projects and content can be easily added even with their Powerbooks. 14 Dec 2004

Umsetzung der Bologna-Reform an der HSR

Die an der HSR entwickelte Unterrichtsverwaltung zur Umsetzung des modularen Unterrichtskonzepts wird an die Vorgaben von Bologna angepasst. FeurerWorks hilft dabei tatkräftig mit. 8 Nov 2004

Aspect Oriented Redesign

Aspect oriented programming contains some convincing ideas and I am eager to "proper" design the LivCos Lite source base. 9 Aug 2004

Alcatel 5451 CIMT

The code review at Alcatel has turned out to be a good investment for the company. Several issues have been discovered and the highly multi-threaded process could be optimized greatly. Additional coaching has made the necessary changes clear. 30 Apr 2004

Study Project: Spelling Checker for LivCos Lite

In a study project two students at HSR add a spelling checker feature to the LivCos Lite project. 27 Oct 2003

Diploma Project: Diagram Markup Editor for LivCos Lite

Structured content can be presented as a diagram. With a Diagram Markup Editor this content can also be manipulated in a such graphical look. 20 Oct 2003

LivCos Lite

A "lite" version to start with and a simple Web application should implement some aspects of a living cosmos. A basic Web CMS that allows to "simply" apply a flexible structure to the content. 1 Mar 2003 is online

A very simple Web page publishes the business plan and contact information. 1 Feb 2003

LivCos, short for "Living Cosmos"

The driving idea becomes a name. Dictionaries describe the word "cosmos" as a self-contained, komplex, orderly system. 15 Jan 2003

Modulares Unterrichtskonzept (mUk) an der HSR

Mit dem Übergang zum Unterricht in Modulen wird an der HSR die Unterrichtsverwaltung neu konzipiert. Im mUk 2002 Projekt wird FeurerWorks mit dem Studienordnungseditor gefordert. 27 Aug 2002

Bruno Feurer founds "FeurerWorks"

With an enthusiastic idea, a good education and some IT experience Bruno Feurer plans to work self-employed. 1 Aug 2002