LivCos 0.6 Released

Reorganized views, transformation pipelines and multiple optimizations both in performance and memory usage have taken place. 17 Feb 2010

Moduleditor 2.2

Even more features find their way into the HSR Moduleditor. 8 Jan 2010

LivCos 0.5 Released

Several features have found their way into this public release. The new feature, most visible to the user, is SVG Diagram editing. 15 Apr 2009

New Logo for LivCos

Structured information objects, relying on each other, to form the content of the Cosmos and living, evolving independently. Designed by Karin Ruegg. 20 Feb 2009

NTB integrates Moduleditor

The Moduleditor, developed for the Hochschule Rapperswil (HSR), will also help the tutors at Hochschule fuer Technik Buchs (NTB) to manage their program of study. 15 Jan 2009